Year 2013 Top Colors and It’s Meaning

In 2013, Pantone declared emerald as the color of the year because of their green color associated with spring and rebirth. Also said opening the door to new possibilities. Traditionally emerald represents true love and are said to change color if your loved one is being unfaithful. Besides love, it is a symbol of loyalty, devotion, adoration and friendship. But not only emerald is dominating this year there are also other colors will be possible and  these are the following colors that dominating this year:

Colors Meaning
Red – this color means energy that will fortify you. It will promote fearlessness and courage. If you want to increase self-confidence then use this color. I suggest to use red in your picture frame, coffee table and your living room.
Pink – this color opens the heart and for your information it is the color of love not red because its give gentle and soothing. It is also promotes tenderness and is a comfort in times of emotional transition. I suggest to use it in a room when trying to increase receptivity and understanding. Try pink in your cell phone cover, light bulb and rose wine.
Orange –This color will expand your thinking. It will reduce self – consciousness and allows to express yourself with confidence. If you want to feel younger you can use this color in your home decoration because it is the color of laughter and celebration. Try this color in any room of your home.
Deep Blue – It will encourage efficiency and purify your thinking, so that you can discover what is important in your life. So I suggest to wear deep blue when you need to make a decision. At home try a deep blue oversize tray, wastebasket and desk lamp.
Purple – this color means spirituality and it will help you encourage a fresh perspective on emotional issues. Also remind you that we are all connected so it will deepen your sense of humanity. I suggest to use it at home to enhance compassion and to experience friends as family.
Raspberry – this color represents sensual experiences that are bright and tangy, like a raspberry. This color usually uses it in paint wall and bathroom that give a burst sweet energy.

You can also mix two or three colors mentioned above in order to complete your year. Hope that this article will help.

Article Source: Ira Morse


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